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What Music Means to Me: a Student's Perspective

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

A singer in the Claudio Santoro children's choir in Manaus, Brazil tells me: “Music is special to me because it is a really good way to express yourself. If you are sad you can sing a song to cheer you up. If you are happy, you can sing--with music there are many ways to express yourself. This is why I use music to express myself and I like music, because music is practically my whole life, I’ve always liked music since I started to hear music. And to do a project with international people from the United States will be really cool because this way we can share with them our music, and they can share with us their music, for us to become better, and to learn their language too.”

May we all show our gratitude this Thanksgiving by finding ways to give back to each other!

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