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Our programs have brought hope through the arts to over 1000 children and orphans

$20 a month can give a child in need access to arts 


We work globally to promote unity through arts diplomacy and to bring hope to children and youth in need. In Mexico, youth ambassadors meet and serve children who learn and perform music together in Spanish and English. We have brought music classes to children in orphanages, local churches and choirs, and teach compassion, mutual understanding and shared humanity. In Brazil, we have worked on an Amazon Climate project partnership where we reach children and youth in the Amazon region through classes and clinics, organized a large virtual choir during the pandemic, and had a four-month residency with the Fulbright Program. In our programs and projects, we partner with local organizations to provide service to children at orphanages and to organize projects that raise awareness to the unique needs, culture, and initiatives in the region. Our program development is expanding and needs your contributions. With your generous support, we will create exciting unity projects in more, critical locations around the world and bring arts to more children and youth in need.

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Cora's Cause: We are working to create a Cora Memorial Fund to present projects and programs that will reflect the memory of the inspiration for our founding, the founder's sweet 8-year-old daughter Cora who passed away suddenly on November 15, 2023. Born with a mild heart condition, her symptoms became unpredictable but no one, including her doctors, expected anything like this. She participated in our programs and was our greatest supporter and advocate, often speaking of her time with the children in Mexico and how much she loved singing. Read more about her on GoFundMe. Please Indicate "Cora Memorial Fund" when donating to this important effort.

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