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When I Close My Eyes . . .

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

When you close your eyes, what do you see? As we consider those lyrics in one of the songs we taught to the orphans in Mexico, we reflect on their meaning. What do you see? Is it a pleasant image of family and friends accompanied by feelings of safety and love? Or is it something that makes you afraid? Whether a memory from the past or a fear of what might happen to you in the future, we want to help all children overcome those fears and develop a sense of self-confidence and empowerment. It doesn't matter who we are or where we come from, we all have infinite potential and the inborn human right to feel safe and cared for.

The One World Children's Foundation seeks to help children around the world reach for their best selves, and overcome their fears. We do this by empowering children with confidence and with the skills they need to find their own unique path in the world and make the contributions that are theirs alone to make.

The One World Children's Foundation is making connections with children in need, and between children in different countries and cultures. Music plays an important role in our organization, because it truly is the universal language and allows children to reflect on the meaning in our messages, to feel emotions, and to be receptive to discussion and lessons on important, empowering topics. We focus on impactful projects that reach those in most need, and provide opportunities for youth ambassadors to serve. The projects involve music classes for children in orphanages and schools, teaching values and principles through music that empower underprivileged youth to have confidence and develop the skills to be successful. They typically culminate in an unforgettable joint concert, as this one, where 30 orphaned children joined a choir and orchestra of over 100 young voices in a life-changing experience. Throughout the projects, we work to establish sustainable resources for the continuation of our efforts, which is why we are seeking support to return to Ensenada.

That's what we've dreamed of when we've closed our eyes. What about you?

When I close my eyes then I can see When I close my eyes I'm alive When I close my eyes then I can see And I am not afraid

When I try to see the reasons why If I ever could understand When I find the hope to let me try And I am not afraid

Now I am learning about the magic within me And that is the reason I'm standing so tall Deep in my heart is a voice that is speaking If I keep believing then I will not fall

When I close my eyes then I can see And I am not afraid

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