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One World Connections

Updated: May 7, 2019

The One World Children's Foundation is all about connections. Some children are born in hospitals, some are born on dirt floors. Some children eat rice every day, some won't eat anything besides Goldfish crackers. Some children learn to speak Vietnamese, some learn to speak Swahili, Farsi, or Norwegian. Some children are born into wealth, and others are born into poverty.

Every child is a beautiful and valuable miracle, full of infinite potential, boundless creativity, and profound possibilities. When we connect children with each other, across physical and cultural boundaries, we give them a glimpse of all that is possible in the world and inside themselves. The One World Children's Foundation works to unleash potential and joy through creation and connection. When children connect with each other to create music, the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

Help us help children by donating money or resources we can use to help children connect with each other, cultivate their inner potential, and create amazing experiences together that remind them of their infinite worth and of their shared humanity as part of One World!

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